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HES Energy can provide you with a solution to prevent mould and condensation in your home. Our team has over 15 years of experience in providing fresh healthy air for you and your family. Improved insulation standards and lack of ventilation can result in poor air quality leading to high humidity levels. These can then result in increased fungal growth, air borne spores and a rise in dust mite levels. These factors can have adverse health implications.
We provide a full range of ventilation services including, installation, repairs and maintenance. All of which can be tailored to fit every need from the most basic to the most comprehensive requirements. Our friendly team are highly trained, fully qualified, accredited and registered contractors with the National Guild of Master Craftsmen. Satisfaction is guaranteed with every installation and after-sales warranties are included as part of our standard dependable service.

Value for Money

We only use the very best materials to ensure long-term quality and customer satisfaction. Drawing upon our extensive experience, we provide integrated solutions so that any issues that arise can be addressed quickly and professionally by our team. When providing our services to our home-owners and landlords, we ensure that safety is our number one priority. We’ve earned a reputation for working efficiently and cleanly, so that you can get back to relaxing in your home with as little fuss as possible.

Benefits of Proper Ventilation

We aim to significantly improve air quality and respiratory health for the people in your home. Our ventilation systems can reduce wheezing, asthma and allergy triggers in the affected space. Other benefits include lowering of relative humidity, a lower dew point and improve the distribution of heat. As well as the health advantages, you will save money on repeated painting and mould removal costs, and your home or rental space will appear much more attractive without mould, damp or stains.

Studies show that 90% of asthmatics are sensitive to dust mites

Recent research indicates that dust mites require 60% humidity to thrive

40% humidity effectively blocks dust mites reproductive capacity

Reports indicate that 19% of 13-15 year olds have asthma

HES Energy brings together our extensive ventilation, plumbing and electrical installation expertise to provide you with a ventilation solution tailored to your home. Some of the services we provide to tackle condensation and mould include:

HES Ventilation Home Survey

Home Surveys

If you have mould, damp or condensation in your home, a HES Energy ventilation specialist can carry out a Home Survey to diagnose and solve the problem after which will issue a full report.

Loft Ventilation

PIV systems

Positive Input Ventilation units supply fresh filtered air at a constant rate, and create fresh and healthy living environments. These systems come as loft or wall mounted units to suit both houses and apartments.

Wall Ventilation

MEV systems

Mechanical Extract Ventilation comes in a variety of forms: Mechanical Extraction fans, Central Extract Ventilation systems and Heat Recovery Ventilation. These units extract the humid air, lowering humidity levels and leaving you with fresh, clean air.

Ventilation Units

Humidity Tracking Fans

These fans are the most common and inexpensive solution to lowering high humidity levels at source, i.e. bathrooms or kitchens. They monitor and respond to changing humidity conditions ensuring that air quality is maintained at an agreeable level.

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