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Reduce Your Running Costs

There has never before been a better time to Make your home more efficient and reduce your running costs…

If your home is built pre-2006 you will definitely be eligible for any SEAI grants available.


Attic insulation €300
Wall (depend on measure granted for internal external) May be based on % carried out. €1800 – 3400
Heating (boiler and heating controls) €700
Solar if installed €1200
BER assessment €50

Now if you carry out 3 of these measures (which you will) you will get a bonus of €300 and if you carry out a 4th, i.e. the solar, you would get another €100.

So as you can see there is a potential grant amount available of €4,450-€5050 from SEAI. This would nearly pay for the solar installation (€5400 for a system to suit your home) This system would generate your hot water needs.
Finally, there is also another grant available to you however it would be dependant on being an electric Ireland customer. This is what they call a Carbon credit grant and it is based on the carbon credit value to the different measures you choose to carry out and would more than cover the balance for the solar.
Figure below are good approx numbers and I haven’t been made aware that they have changed


Attic insulation 1300 credits
Wall insulation 5000
Heating upgrades 7700
solar 1650
Total: 15,650 credits

Electric Ireland will give you approx .08c per credit which would equal approx €1252

Also possibly eligible

Floor insulation 1100
Windows 1650
Total: 2750 credits equalling approx €220

This figure would be placed on credit with your Electric Ireland account for you to spend on either gas or electric utility bills
I believe there is also a bonus % scheme if multiple measures carried out ( 10% if 3 carried out and 15%if 4)

All of the above really just takes a few signatures and I can easily take you through it.
I hope this has been of interest and benefit to you and if you know anyone that is considering these types of works I would be most grateful if you could pass on the above and my details.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.