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Plumbing 101

Simple Guide to Checking Your Plumbing…

  1. Check the system pressure. If you have a sealed system it should be between 1 and 1.5 bar when cold, if its an open system it may only be .5 bar. Best to check when heating is off and hasn’t been on. If the pressure is below you may have a leak or a failed safety valve.
  2. Check the top of your radiators. if they are cold you most likely have air in the system. You could use a radiator key to vent the air.
  3. Check the bottom of your radiators. if they feel cold especially in the centre your system may be dirty. A dirty system is an inefficient system. cleaning it could improve efficiency by 6-12% and increase the heat in your home. You would be best to engage the services of a heating engineer to flush and clean the system.
  4. Check your thermostats. If your thermostats are functioning correctly your system will run more efficiently.