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Control Your Heating Remotely

Did you know you can now control your heating remotely? And best of all its absolutely free…

Visualise this for a moment.

When we were growing up it was constantly repeated to us don’t leave the lights on you’ll waste electricity or who left the light on? Do you remember? I know i do.

Now think of it this way

Its a cold day, you come home take off your coat, pop the kettle on and say “thank god the heats on its miserable out there” They don’t come in and say “who left the heating on ?” or more importantly “how long has the heating been on while we’ve not been here?” It costs multiples of the amounts a light left on over the heating being on unnecessarily.

Setting the clock to come on was our only option before and yes we were in control but who dictates the time you then have to return? The clock does so whats in control now ehh?? Our schedules change from day to day these days, working late , picking up kids shopping , socialising etc etc i could go on.

Controlling your heating remotely makes good sense now doesn’t it?

Currently there are a number of systems that will allow you fully control your heating and hot water via your phone / laptop or tablet. Such as the nest and the climote
but my system of choice would be the ‘CLIMOTE’ , for those of you who haven’t heard of it Look into it. “IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY” and heres how.

The system, simply put, allows you to call for heat when you want it not and not with the presumption your going to need it like the clocks of old.

The reason I like it is its so user friendly, can fit to all heating systems and can control a 1,2 or 3 zoned heating system.

But best of all “YOU CAN GET ONE FOR FREE”. Yes i said “FREE”
Currently SSE Airtricity are giving CLIMOTEs away for free. Thats a free clock with free installation, saving you €399 for the unit and who knows how much more when you reduce the amount of heat you waste.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.